Understanding The Troubling Story of the Bohemian Grove Society

In today’s ever-changing society, there is still so much we know little about. We live in a country where the 1% dictates and controls the way US civilians live. In my discovery, through government officials, policy makers and wealthy businessman, our day-to-day existence is marked by men who seem to care so little about how these policies affect Americans.

Through these self-realizations of US government control, I reached out to my grandfather. He is a man who is President Emeritus of Pepperdine University and President Emeritus of the University of Oklahoma. His name is William Banowsky Sr. and he is responsible for the Malibu campus that Pepperdine University so graciously inhabits. He is also a man who was part of an elite society called The Bohemian Grove Club, a club that even to this day is shrouded in mystery.

There is much emphasis on elite secret societies like the Illuminati, and conspiracy theorists crave a story that fits inside their skewed sense of the wealthy and powerful which shapes the world around them. What is clear to me in my readings and discussions regarding the Bohemian Grove Club, is that there is secrecy and elitism among the 1%. This shouldn’t be a shock to anyone who observes the world and takes the time to think about how society functions.

The ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement made a great effort in shedding light on the fact that this 1% controls most of the world’s resources—leaving us, the 99%, to fend for ourselves. None of this is news anymore. I bring it up simply to illustrate the truth that this paradigm of maintaining a gap between the haves and have-nots is purposeful and real.

We must accept that the current state of our society is unjust, unfair and single-sided. The Bohemian Grove is an excellent talking point that truly provides insight into what only few will ever experience. I am not writing this to inflame the theorists or to insight change—although change is inevitable due to the current state of the formation of society. This particular society is fascinating and thinking about its implications is bone chilling.

The Bohemian Grove is no easy task—it is a collection of the most wealthy and conservative men on earth and their goal is purely egotistical and aimed at gaining further status in their own personal and business affairs.

My grandfather personally was a member along with President Ronald Regan and former National Security Advisor, Henry Kissinger. These are some of the higher profile names on this exclusive guest list, but members ranged from conservative billionaires and politicians alike. To say that their congregation did not affect public policy at all is a stretch. So this begs the question: is there a moral obligation to end such congregations? Do we limit the extent that our politicians can extend themselves to the wealthy private sector?

The fundamental issue is that we elect our officials. We base our votes on the premise that they will provide services that align with our beliefs and needs as a country. The Bohemian Grove crushes this institution of for the people by the people. This is an extension of politics that is ruining this country and corrupting its leaders.

The wealthy and powerful should not be privy to the officials we elect in a bonding ceremony that furthers personal gain and embodies elitism. Not only are these meetings exclusive, they are also pagan in nature and bizarre. To demonstrate this point some of the activities involved during a session at the Bohemian Grove include:

The annual gathering near the Russian River, which was first held in 1879, starts with the Cremation of Care ritual, in which the club’s mascot is burned in effigy to an owl god—Moloch—symbolizing a freedom from care. Members also perform several plays, and gourmet food and expensive wine are plentiful.

For decades, there have been vague rumors of weird goings on in Bohemian Grove in more remote parts of its 2200 acres. Reliable reports claim Druidic like rituals—druids in red hooded robes marching in procession and chanting to the Great—a funeral pyre with corpses. It’s been noted that, scores of men work in the Bohemian Grove as servants, so this party holds weight and validity of its occurrence.

Yet, the more prevalent issue is that 99% of the world’s people are excluded from this gathering. Even journalists are barred from covering this society. There is a new wave of sentiment in this country that essentially is summed up by, you shouldn’t mind being monitored and reported on if you have nothing to hide.

The same should apply for the Bohemian Grove, but this is far from the case. Alex Jones, was the first journalist to make it past guarded gates and entered the Bohemian Grove club, equipped with a cameraman and a willingness to uncover the truth, as to why the most powerful and wealthiest men meet to congregate in the deep woods forty five miles outside of San Francisco.

Alex Jones—who was joined on air by a guest worked inside the Bohemian Grove and got up close and personal with the macabre rituals of the elite and their homosexual tendencies. These new revelations have been heard nowhere else.

Jones had the help of an employee working at The Grove, and with his help discovered many troubling rituals that took place among the world’s elite. This employee’s name is simply referred to as “Kyle”. The man’s intel exposed many of the clandestine secrets the Bohemian Grove holds.

“Kyle” went on to reveal how—as well as containing a hefty number of Satanic themed imagery—the Grove is also very Pagan in nature. There is a large statue of the Goddess Diana, the main Circle is named Diana, there are buses named Diana, Old Druid and hamadryad. From Greek and Roman mythology, a wood nymph who lives only as long as the tree of which she is the spirit lives or King Cobra, is one of the high-priests in the Cremation of Care ceremony.

The significance of this information is that our leaders are partaking in some rather questionable behavior. The homosexual endeavors aside, the worshiping of the 40-foot owl god called; Moloch is a sobering reality to fully comprehend. Who are these people we elect? What are their true motives and who do they ally with? Judging by the current state of the union, their allegiance is not with the people, it is with those who make them feel powerful and be powerful. The Bohemian Grove is a mere glimpse into the insanity that is our political and economical system. We need not stand by and accept that these occurrences exist, but the majority, the 99% need to exercise their strength in numbers and fundamentally change the way in which we operate as a country and as a global society.

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