The United States of Propaganda


Post 9/11 USA has been a well-oiled machine, pumping out propaganda to make us all believe that our “freedom” is in a constant state of threat. Our way of life is under siege by a crafted enemy that threatens the very foundation of this nation. In reality however, the only thing that has changed since 9/11 is the level of fear our own government instills in the citizens of this country.

If they can keep us afraid, we are more likely to eat the fear they feed us on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. What does this level of fear truly serve? Why keep your own people in such a fearful state? The answer is actually quite simple. Control. The more afraid we are, the more of our own liberties we willingly give up to feel the imaginary safety net cast upon us by our own government. This safety net comes with a heavy price, our freedom.

This agenda was implemented during the Bush administration—not the Obama administration to be correct—so when a raging lunatic like our President Elect, Donald Trump spews an off base slogan like, “Make America Great Again” he is simply deceiving the public by convincing millions that America is no longer great. In fact, America was never truly great to begin with—we live in a flawed society with a flawed government—a cyclical pattern that has continued since the birth of this nation. While Trump’s slogan calls for a restoration of this country, his tagline and his plans thus far are slowly displaying he has no intention of keeping the truths he has made to the public.

In many ways, Trump embodies the brutality of what the real America is and always has been. Starting from the beginning of this country’s history, our greatest accomplishments, cities, towns, cash crops—and the list goes on—has been created off the backs of slaves. We abused women by denying their right to equality and we forced the indigenous population to move from their homelands into designated portions of undesirable land scattered across the nation.

When our President Elect, who is an outspoken racist, misogynist and all-around bigot uses the phrase, “Make America Great Again” as his campaign slogan for a run at the presidency, it leaves the rest of us to ponder if this is the great America he is referring to. Perhaps he is referencing a time where the rich white man ruled all and inequality and injustice for the masses was the status quo. Given his outspoken views on these topics alludes towards a darker sinister America he wishes to reinstate.

His proposed solutions for this country begin with a registry for all Muslims in the United States and should serve as a stark reminder into the mind of a man who aims to shape the country as he sees fit. The appointment of Steve Bannon as Whitehouse chief strategist for the Trump Administration is a chilling dose of reality for anyone capable of human decent thought. Prior to the Trump campaign and his subsequent appointment inside the Whitehouse, Bannon was executive chairman of Breitbart News. Breitbart is notorious for publishing anti-semitic and blatantly racist ‘news pieces’ catered towards racist, white America.

This appointment alone speaks volumes in regards to Trump’s decision making and gives eerie insight into the type of character our President Elect seeks for his Whitehouse. If a racist, anti-semitic, white nationalist is helping to strategize a Trump presidency, any comfort in Trump’s outlandish campaign promises being nothing more than fodder for media sound bites may have just been tossed out the window.

Trump’s anti-Muslim approach within the country is now a more terrifying prospect than ever. Trump calls for a nationwide registry of all Muslims living in the United States.  A way he deems to safely keep track of them all. With such hate at his disposal one can’t help but shudder to think of the implications of such a registry further into his presidency.

If anything makes America great it is within our diversity and our differences. The fact that over 70% of what this man said while campaigning for President of The United States was utterly false as reported by Politico begs the question: what the hell is he planning?  At the very least: what the hell is he doing?

America was never the great country he or his undereducated, mostly white supporters seem to believe, and it certainly feels that the slogan they all should be chanting is “Make America Even Worse”. Any progression we saw under an imperfect, albeit better, Obama administration is now at the mercy of a liar, a con artist and quite frankly a despicable human being.


Beware America. For the worst is yet to come.

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