NYC Based Jewelry Line Sorelle Collaborates with Fashion Forward Line Lorod

The scope of fashion is beginning to change as the industry begins to embark on a conquest by casting a net—far and wide—amongst under-the-radar designers that seek to pursue limitless and authentic creativity through their original designs. The latest collaboration to strike a creative chord perfectly in sync was crafted with the New York based jewelry line, Sorelle and the alluring, yet understated clothing line, Lorod.

Francesca Grosso, the designer behind Sorelle is known for her stunningly simplistic jewelry that exudes an effortless sense of femininity, but for the collaboration with Lorod, she embraced a new approach to enhance the line’s detailed oriented take on reinvented classic American staples. The idea in mind was simple, “to create something custom for [Lorod’s] new collection,” Grosso revealed.

The thought process for this newfound design approach was a departure from the feminine names Grosso has so lovingly given to her jewelry designs. “This time around, the pieces didn’t take on a feminine form with a name. The collection was conceived with the idea of a more masculine side of a woman. We decided to have the pieces take on its true form. It was the concept of merging two worlds together to create a product that evokes feeling,” stated Grosso.

The strength behind each jewelry piece from the Sorelle x Lorod collaboration evokes a sense of toughness by mixing metals in boldly fashioned shapes, while offering a sense of empowerment to the woman who wears these unique and highly covetable pieces that break free from the confines of the norm.

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