In the Wake of the Female Rebirth

As the world around us continues to change in a drastic, startling turn of events the face of feminism is standing strong amidst the turmoil that seeks to pose a serious threat to all women—we are under siege. The current societal standards set in place demean women, scrutinize women and aim to silence the voices of millions; the women of today are mainly seen as objects to fawn over.

The manifesto of feminism today seeks to even the playing field in a world that is overrun with dominant men whose sole purpose is to oppress women. Instead of taking a backseat to misogyny, women are rallying to proclaim equality and give power back to the woman who is in control of their rights, decisions and destiny. Part of that destiny is the act of sexual liberation, freed from the clutches of oppressors.

If feminism is fast approaching a radical new era, take the act of sexual liberation one step further by looking at the power men have always had through the very act of adultery, which has existed since the dawn of time, along with the institution of marriage. Condemnation for the act of infidelity was first witnessed in the Bible and the stigma today still exists, because women aren’t meant to have needs or desires, but act as vessels to bring about new life, all while keeping the dated cycle going that men have always fostered.

Today, infidelity is rapidly expanding its reach—sexting, watching porn, staying active on dating apps, and even paid sex. In this era, there seems to be a never-ending carousel where a man can easily get his fix, while maintaining a squeaky clean appearance to his wife or girlfriend and close confidants. That’s why the number varies from 26% to 70% of couples that “stray,” as reported by Esther Perel, a world-renowned psychoanalyst on the matter. She defines infidelity as having three key elements: a secretive relationship, an emotional connection, and a sexual alchemy. By understanding these elements we begin to witness the structure of modern day cheating.

In today’s digital era, our natural obsession is to fixate on beautifully edited, curated photos on Instagram, to real time Snapchat trips, to Facebook stalking and Twitter ranting and even dating platforms like Tinder. The minds of men and the women who seek the approval of a man set unbelievably high expectations that are ultimately unattainable and lead to the same cyclical patterns of women being seen as objects to lust over. The age of cheating has reached uncharted territory and has left a digital trace wherever you go.

Men have always had a license to cheat, boasting and asserting their dominance, while women cower, deny and minimize any marital problems—in select countries women that stray are killed, an archaic act that needs to be abolished. This double standard for men is as old as adultery itself. But where do women fit in amidst the turmoil? Are we solely the victims of these perpetrations? If so, can the continued rise of feminism console the shattered identities of those who have been betrayed and scorned by male lovers? Knowing what we now, women should use this as ammunition to progress feminist ideals. What are the lengths women are willing to go to begin to stand up?

Rather than succumbing to the “roles” society has so “generously” offered women, the next phase is to vocalize, demonstrate and dismantle the barbaric establishment set in place and to directly target the inhumane treatment in which women have been conditioned to accept.

One of the first steps is to liberate our sexuality, rather than being pawns in a man’s world. If infidelity, is the next wave of progressive females taking back their sexual freedom then this is a cause that must and will be fully supported.

The independent landscape is shifting and by taking strength and power from the women who have led us here and continue to lead us into the future, the power of the modern female can be restored.

The Suffragettes marched on to ensure women were granted the right to vote, Gloria Steinem has spoken vocally on every issue that has wronged women in unprecedented ways and the emergence of radicalists like the punk group, Pussy Riot have demonstrated what the future of feminism can be as long as women take a stand collectively against the male oppressors.

Marching forward, women must rally to put an end to people like President Elect, Donald Trump and Vice President Elect, Mike Pence. Trump’s lewd comments include bragging about grabbing women “by the pussy” and Pence believes “working mothers stunt the emotional growth of their children”. Knowing these horrendous truths, men in power will stop at nothing to push their sick convoluted agendas nationwide while demeaning women at every given opportunity.

Given the facts that women are faced with we must fight to charge forward, where our voices are heard, our needs are met and the act of sexual liberation and freedom is no longer taboo or kept hidden in the dark. This is a new dawn and the rebirth of the modern woman.

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