The All-Inclusive Guide to Fashion’s New League of Standout Jewelry Designers

“There’s only one thing in life, and that’s the continual renewal of inspiration.” —Diana Vreeland

In the face of fashion, there has never been a shortage of endless possibilities, devout creativity and profound displays of originality. The industry has continually served as an open forum that prides itself in breeding diversity,  propelling visionary thinking and fostering creative forces who seek to push the limits and bounds beyond the norms.

The spellbinding year of 2016 was met with masterful jewelry designers who set out to reimagine and reconfigure cult classics including, the coveted choker, both minimalist and statement earrings, heavy metal cuffs and body chains—leading the way for the new league of 2017 jewelry designers who are already defying odds and superseding expectations with the next wave of standout designs we’ve been awaiting.

One designer that has caught our eye is the Australian based label, Dinosaur Designs. Founders, Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy view their line as a progressive art movement with an emboldened stance on creativity that continually propels them forward, with sculptural and handcrafted drop earrings, resin necklaces, bangles and cuffs that always take center stage.

Sara Robertsson, an emerging designer from Sweden crafts her sculptural creations from pure silver, by ‘draping’ the metal to create distinct fluttering shapes that are purely modernistic, yet feminine. While Johanna Abitbol of her line, Johaab is at the forefront of designing minimalist pieces that always make a sartorial statement, including her ‘90s inspired chokers that can be worn for any and every occasion.

Scroll through and meet the new guard of jewelry designers set to take hold of 2017 with their continued conquest to evolve the very way we perceive and wear jewelry.

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