Donald Trump’s Crooked Ways Bring Forth the Feminist Fight

Amidst the chaos and the spider-like-web the country is currently tangled in, women of all ethnicities, backgrounds and beliefs are approaching a new radical frontier that proposes equality for all. Today’s women are taking the next steps to ensure that our future moves forward, rather than succumbing or being backed into a corner and shamefully being told what we can and can’t do.

As modern women, we have surpassed those dark days of hardships and seek the light that will allow us to define our own individuality, discover beauty on our own terms, propose equal pay, rid taxes on feminine products and offer paid maternity leave—we are the second worst country in the world that has yet to make that improvement for working mothers.

Now is the time to step forward, embrace our rights and speak out against those who seek to set us back. This collective effort is comprised of women veterans—women who marched, took a stand and never let up. Now with the aid of a new league of young girls who are embracing their own sense of femininity, we will finally be able to start the dialogue that our voices can and will be heard.

In the 70’s, Gloria Steinem sparked a wave of feminism that was unmatched and unheard of at that time. During that period, Steinem acted as a witness and heard the experiences of women who had abortions. Steinem was their voice and became the spokesperson for the feminist movement by taking action and advocacy, helping multiple organizations. Steinem’s message was clear, loud and her voice for afflicted women everywhere was heard, which propelled the lacking feminist movement they had been seeking.

Patti Smith, the godmother of punk music has always spoken freely about her beliefs as a punk musician and a woman. Her music leaves a lingering sound in your hears and her lyrics bring awareness to topics people don’t want to hear. As an aggressor, Smith shifted the feminine movement in the 70’s by singing needs that had to be heard, cutting her hair off and presenting herself in a way that pleased her—no one else, because at the end of the day it was her choice and her actions today show that this movement is now our choice.

Today, the new face of feminism has emerged and grown into yet, another movement with women who are willing to push the boundaries on what is deemed as equality. Chloë Sevigny has made it her mission to be outspoken—if there’s a cause she is there to speak or march about the issue at hand.

Sevigny stated, “I love protests. Things make me angry and frustrated and I think it’s important to stand up for what you believe in—to have a voice and be able to communicate it.”

At a young age, Malala Yousafzi propelled herself to become an activist after being shot by the Taliban—among other schoolgirls—trying to receive an education she so rightfully deserved. After the atrocity of being shot, Yousafzi began speaking out on the importance of education. But before she was shot, in 2009 she began writing a blog for BBC under an alias, to hide her identity—which was later revealed.

From there, Yousafzi’s inner-strength and voice continued to grow and blossom, leading other girls and women like her to stand up for unjust causes. In October 2014, Yousafzi was granted the Nobel Peace Prize at just 17, making her the youngest person in history to receive this honor. Despite how young she was to receive an award of this magnitude it highlighted the power and beauty she had in her soul, leaving women with the notion to never give up.

Younger girls like twins, Cipriana Quann and TK Wonder Quann are breaking down the barriers of ethnicities, beauty and what it truly means to be a progressive woman today. Their message is simple yet, profound—be who you are and accept that your flaws are still beautiful.

People tend to dictate, that a feminist is a woman who goes out there, speaks her mind and protests and rallies. Today we incorporate all of those tactics, but we don’t stop there—we create change with our art, our writing, our singing—the talents we’ve been gifted that can make an impact, whether you see it that way or not. Your skill-sets spread understanding, positivity, awareness and if you’re marching on the streets or inside writing a song for all to be heard, your voice still matters and makes a difference. Our gifts as a collective will shape the future we wish it to be.

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