Wild Calling: 4 Reasons Big 5 Is Our FW16 Style Inspiration

If you were attune to the FW16 shows this season, you may have noticed your once joyful outlook on spring attire had shifted and is now aligned with something heartier, heavier and warmer. The fall shows bestowed upon us, larger-than-life outerwear—served up at Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs and yes, Vetements.

But truth be told, seasonal dress code disorder is alive and more prevalent than before. Now that fashion is less about peacocking and more about savvy street-wear—we wanted to dig up a newfound source of style inspiration—an untouched utilitarian style manifested by Big 5. Yes, your go-to sporting store offers up the untouchably cool, camouflage pants, utility vests and snow boots, too good to resist.

Click through and see four reasons why Big 5 is our FW16 style inspiration.

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