Alternative Ways to Channel the New Class of Fashion Cliques

Let’s face it cliques are dated—normal societal cliques that is. From the onslaught as developing girls, we’re challenged with the pining need to be accepted. Holding onto those passé dreams of becoming Homecoming Queen and fixating onto stunting our true selves are a true thing of the past. Fashion’s new school of cool—the newly formed cliques of designers and influencers alike—are accepting the motto to be who you want to be, freely of judgement.

The well spoken slogan is being adopted in spades, with less emphasis placed on conforming to a trend and more about focusing on your own point of view.  If you’re outspoken with an androgynous edge, reach for the modernized schoolyard gal look or if you’re looking for the next punchy twist, you’re an alt artist. So defy your standard dress code at work or at play and master fashion with a degree in new school cool.

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