3 Striking Ballet-Inspired Looks That Are On Point

One designer’s mission to keep dance alive through her designs.

Amidst the sea of trends we tend to be swimming in, ballet-inspired looks offer a new fresh facet to the ever-changing face of fashion. Dancer-inspired regalia can be seen in free-flowing pleated skirts, feminine dresses with hemlines that swing and thick knits—best when paired with a coordinating leotard—ranged in shades from demure pastels to soft neutrals and even darker solids. Designer, Leah Shlaer was once a dancer herself and the way she develops her bodysuits—or rather leotards—is evident of a woman who was so rooted in the art of dance that it allowed her to design clothes with meaning and a purpose. Through her designs she is able to share her story and her passion for the art itself.

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